Kick butt Electric Bike Under $500

If you’ve been looking for a nice bike to commute on or just bike around the town on then you’ve probably noticed a huge difference in prices from basic walmart bikes at around $150+ to bikes well over $1,000.

best electric commuter bike

The price of the bike depends on what it’s made of and all the components quality like the frame, brakes, wheels and gear shift. While the cheap walmart bikes fro $150-$250 will work fine for some people that use the bike every once in a while…the bikes just won’t hold up for everyday usage.

Some of the mid range bikes will work great for 80% of the bikers and the mid range price is $400-$650. The bikes in this range are made from quality components and made to last versus the cheaper walmart bikes.

One of the best values for a bike is the Currie Ezip bike that is a hybrid bike with an electric motor and battery pack built in. The bike is only $450 and can go up to 20mph with the motor without any pedaling and has a range of 20 miles. Considering the high end ebikes have the same specs makes this commuter bike an insane value…the high end ebikes cost between $2,500-$4,500. You can learn more about the best commuter bikes over at commuter bike hero.

Newspaper Editing Software

If you’re into computers and software, you know creating things can be a lot of fun. There are many software tools that let you print pictures, edit photos, Ms-Word-Newspaper-Templateand edit and burn videos. Playing with audio can be a lot of fun, too. If you really want to have a good time though, you should try creating a newspaper from a newspaper template. These templates can be used in software you probably already own- Photoshop, Microsoft Word, or a compatible editor. They are pretty simple to use. You just find a picture you want to highlight and then drop it into the frame for the picture. Or, you find a story and copy you want to promote, and you put that into the paper’s columns. Once those are all lined out, you finish the other half, the picture or the text. They can also be a great tool for school projects and kids. If you want to use a professional layout though for a business, then there are a few things to consider. One, make sure you include your logo. Two, put in your phone number and website. And then make sure this newspaper template and report reaches all your share holders and customers.

Galaxy S4 On Sale

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 super phone will be on sale in April 2013. This phone, Samsung’s latest flagship phone, is amazingly fast. In Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 comparisons, it out perfS4orms the iPhone 5, the HTC One, and the Blackberry Z10. It has a huge HD screen at five inches, and is the fastest, largest screen, best camera, and best overall phone on the market. Of course, some will say the phone isn’t as good because it is made of plastic casing instead of metal like the iPhone, but with a faster processor, expandable memory, a better camera, and more pixels per inch, the Galaxy S4 trumps the iPhone in hardware. The iPhone advantage is the operating system, where Apple clearly has the market cornered for Apps and usability. But, many people are wanting more from their phones now, and Android and Samsung are delivering. How about the ability to use the camera on the front and the back at the same time, NFC chips, or eye tracking software? The Galaxy S4 has all of those, plus expandable storage. All things the iPhone does not have. So, protect your new phone with a Galaxy S4 case.

Will Apple step up their game this next year to try to beat the Samsung Galaxy S4 machine? Who knows. But, I’m sure they’ll try. We all know the most important thing with any phone though, is to keep in mind a better one is just around the corner. Visit here to learn about another popular Samsung phone.

Monitor Comparisons

There are a lot of great computer monitors on the market, and a lot of great TVs that double as computer monitors. Deciding which to choose can be a difficult process since curved monitormost TVs and monitors promise the world, but you don’t actually get to see them all in person. If you’re looking for a TV monitor LED, then you should look for one that has a fast response time, as the response time and refresh rate of these TV monitors can determine whether you get some color or image blur or trailing. As the pixels activate and deactivate, if they do it slowly, then you may get a streaking or blurring affect on moving items that is undesirable. If you are considering anything in the 32 inch region, then a 32 inch monitor is what you will be looking for. These monitors have a large enough screen size to see clearly from a living room or bedroom, and are just massive when used on a desktop with a computer. However, their relatively small size compared to other large screen TVs means that the pixel density is tighter, and you can get away with using 720p on a screen this size when you would want a 1080p for anything 50 inches or larger. If you’re really looking for real estate on your screen, or you want to get something no one else has, consider a curved monitor or a monitor stand that holds three or more monitors. These monitors will help wrap around you, taking up more of your field of vision and giving you a more immersive gaming and video viewing experience. Plus, they look great at work displays, trade shows, or just sitting on your desk. Finding a great monitor can really be a lot of fun if you have the tools to find what you need.

Popular Samsung Phone

Samsung has been very popular in the past several years with their DLP, plasma, and LCD TV sets. Lately, they have been expanding into the cell phone and smartphone markSamsung-S3350et, and are really starting to dominate the market share. Samsung has been getting a lot of attention lately from their Galaxy Note 2 and their Galaxy S3 phones, but they also have another smartphone, the Samsung S3350 that has a full keyboard, and a fast processor to make it a great smartphone. The phone comes in several color schemes, black, pink, and a white or silver. It has pretty good reviews, and will cost a lot less than the other smartphones that focus on power and touch screen features. It still has a 2.4 inch color screen, and the full qwerty keyboard will allow you to type much faster than with other touchscreen phones. It also features a nice camera, and the ability to use Facebook, and several other advanced features.

High End TVs

2013 will surely bring some new TVs and technology, including glasses free 3D as a possibility, OLED TVs with bright, vibrant screens, and even TVs that have curving and bending glass. It’s all around Samsung TVthe corner, but if you’re looking for a great TV now, there are lots to choose from on the market. Deciding if you want an LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED or other type of screen is just part of the decision. There are also smart TVs that will connect to Facebook, Twitter, and other channels through WiFi, there are TVs that will stream from your PC or computer, and there are TVs that have 3D. The 3D TVs may have active glasses, or passive glasses. TVs have different amounts and numbers of inputs and outputs for various connections, and they all have different price points, warranties, and consumer respect that play into the decision. Fortunately, there are experts that make the decision easier. You can read articles about the best TV for 2013, and get answers to all your burning TV questions.

Cases Prevent Breaking

Everyone uses smartphones these days. The ability to jump on the internet anywhere you are, stream videos from YouTube, and check email is just too handy to not have in your pocket. OtterBoxFortunately, smartphones are becoming more affordable, and much more common. However, they are cheaper if you have a subsidy from signing a contract. Without the contract, these smartphones can cost just as much as a tablet or laptop. For that reason, it makes sense to protect your investment. Why get a nice phone like an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S3, only to drop the phone and have it break. Then, you either shell out a lot of money to have it fixed, or pay a whole lot to get a new phone out of contract, or you walk around with a broken phone that doesn’t really do you any good. Make sure you protect your phone.

For example, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a very popular phone. It has a fast processor and larger screen, and people love all that it can do with the s-pen stylus. However, with the added weight and size, this phone is just as likely, if not more likely, to break when it hits the ground. There are lots of good cases though that can prevent this. Some have hard shells, others have soft shells, and the best combine the two. Make sure you research great Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Cases from a reputable website. You will be sure to get a better case at a better price, and keep your smartphone around a lot longer.

Tablet Accessories

Tablets have gotten more and more popular as of late. They are replacing ultrabooks, which replaced laptops, which replaced desktops, which replaced massive computers that filleipad mini Keyboardd room after room. It makes sense that technology should evolve as there are new inventions, and as one technology leverages itself to help another tech grow by leaps and bounds. Apple has been the primary focus of these tech leaps lately, at least as far as the average consumer is concerned. Their ability to make the iPod, iPhone, and iPad into something that dominates the market, and everyone owns, is no small feat. Additionally, they made tablets, through the iPad, relevant in almost all homes. There are many tablet makers now, but Apple is the pioneer that the others have looked to. Now, there is a new tablet on the market, the iPad mini. It’s a smaller tablet than the larger iPad, but the iPad mini fits in a hand easier, is lighter, and will find its place in many homes. However, when purchasing an iPad mini, it’s important to get a great keyboard to enhance your productivity. If you’re looking for a great iPad mini keyboard, there are many on the market. Finding a review is the best way to decide which to get, since there are many good cases, and a few junk cases, too. Once you are equipped, you will be able to enjoy your case and keyboard a lot more.

Dual Purpose Monitors

There are many monitors out now that have additional functions. Some seDual Purpose Webcam Monitorrve as touch screens for people that want to be able to access their new programs. Windows 8 is a new touch screen sensitive operating system. Additionally, some monitors will come with built in speakers to eliminate the need for other speakers. Some also come with 3D capability, and require the use of either passive or active glasses to help you see images in 3D. Some may also have other features like built in WiFi. Of note, there are even some monitors with built in webcams. These monitors, while not common, may serve a good role to help you get dual functions out of one single monitor. They will allow you to do everything a normal monitor would, but a monitor with webcam will also let you chat with your friends or family over Skype without the need for buying an additional camera for your PC. It may be handy for saving space, not losing your camera, and always knowing you’re prepared to record or grab video at any time. A dual purpose monitor can save you money, and help you get more out of your system.

Monitors with More Real Estate

If you’re considering stepping up your monitor size to a monitor that has more real estate, a Dell Monitor2560×1600 monitor may be a good option. These monitors are pretty easy to come by, and they don’t cost much more than other computer monitors on the market. For years, the standard resolution was much less than this, and 1024×768 monitors offered enough screen size and clarity. However, as HD video, and screens like the iPad with retina display got more common, the resolution and clarity of computer monitors needed to increase as well. So, along came the new, higher resolution and HD monitors. There are many HD monitors with great resolution, and many have even higher pixel counts than this, but this is a nice step up for a consumer looking to get a sharper image and not break they bank. We’ve found a great list of the best 2560×1600 monitors currently on the market. Check the list out, and upgrade your screen to the one that works best for you.